Only days away until the start of the final Game Jam for 2020. It all kicks off on November 23 and runs for 10 frantic days until midnight (UTC) on December 7.

To get started and stay on top of your creations, we’ve compiled this useful list of tutorials, documents, tools. Use it to fire your imagination and help in the effort to save Xmas!

Awesome Repository:

Loads of stuff to help you build your scenes. It is, as they say, awesome.

Video tutorials:

Get to know the SDK with these video tutorials produced for the last Game Jam

Or, if you prefer the written word:

A bunch of helpful libraries for all your creative needs:

ECS Utils
Video tutorial:

UI Utils
Video tutorial:

NPC Utils (video tutorial coming soon!)

Crypto Utils
Video tutorial:

Go deep with these tutorials on servers and learn how to take your creativity to the next level:

Get the skinny on the World, the Marketplace, Ethereum essentials and more in the Decentraland Documentation page:

And, as always, check into Discord for up to date support and assistance:


With approximately $20k USD in MANA + LAND up for grabs, this Game Jam is destined to make the metaverse a very merryverse indeed. Don’t miss out!

Whenever you are ready, submit your entry through this form: