We said it would be intense and from what many of you have told us, we weren’t wrong. You created your hearts out for two weeks solid, snatching time in between real life commitments to share your truly inspiring work with us.

Chief architect of Game Jam 2019, Decentrand’s Nico Earnshaw had this to say about the event:

“Game Jam has raised the bar for the quality of content in Decentraland. In the process, the community has come closer together than ever before. It was wonderful to see a completely selfless spirit of helping each other grow in our Discord channels.”

Sentiments echoed by several of our judges who gave us a unique insight into their process and experience…

“I think it was fantastic! As an investor in VR and Crypto, this was so much fun to see where creators are starting to overlap the technologies. Some of the experiences were super impressive, and I’m excited for all the next generation content built on Decentraland!” — Adam Draper, Founder and MD, Boost VC

“There were a lot of really, really cool places. It was great to take my time exploring each scene. It feels like everyone is creating a giant world together and I think that a world that contains all of these scenes will look wild!”@jupiter_hadley, Founder, indiegamejams.com

“I wanted to see the game developers’ creativity and imagination which could be very different from that of traditional games. The concept of each game was fascinating. After polishing the quality and optimizing technology, Decentraland could be a new way to enjoy virtual life.” — Ethan Kim, Co-Founder and Partner at Hashed

“I was looking not only for dynamic scenes, but also for innovation in the ways in which users can interact and immerse themselves within a scene. The overall quality of entries was high and didn’t fail to meet expectations.”­ — Riorio from @dcl_plazas, Founder, dclplazas.com

Special mentions, special prizes

We announced our 20 winners here a few days ago but we just couldn’t say goodbye to Game Jam 2019 without some special mentions.

The following submissions were chosen as personal favourites of both the judging panel and Decentraland staff. And while they may not have earned a place in the official winners list, they still impressed with their level of ingenuity and imagination.

For that, 5000 MANA each goes to:

  • Dappercraft: https://export.glavcrypt.now.sh/
  • Graffiti Wall: https://graffitiwall.now.sh/?position=61%2C-27
  • Block Parks: https://explorer.decentraland.org/?position=45%2C28
  • Fantasy Scene: https://gj-fantasy-scene.cfravel.now.sh/
  • Flappy Orb: https://tmacha.github.io
  • Leveler: https://leveler-prod.lastraumonline.now.sh/?ENABLE_WEB3&position=-1,-1
  • AI Museum: https://export-oj01rr7zj.now.sh
  • Orc Orchestra: https://orc.prospector.now.sh
  • Ethermon: https://explorer.decentraland.org/?position=117%2C-22

Congratulations to all these participants and everyone who took part in Game Jam 2019. We can’t wait to see you all again at Game Jam 2020!