It begins today! Game Jam 2020 kicks off and the theme can finally be revealed: Chain Reaction. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s all up to your imagination.

Our four judges have been announced and are ready to start reviewing your submissions. You have until the 8th to wow them with your creativity and be in with the chance to get your hands on a chunk of the over $15,000 USD in prizes.

Choose your track

There are two ways you can get involved in Game Jam: As a Pro (for established DCL contributors) or, for aspiring professionals, in the Main competition.

And here’s how the $15,000+ USD breaks down for the two competition tracks:

  • Pro
    • 1st Prize = 25000 MANA (~2,500 USD) + LAND
    • 2nd Prize = 12500 MANA (~1,250 USD) + LAND
    • 3rd Prize = 7500 MANA (~750USD) + LAND
    • 500 MANA (~50 USD) per qualifying scene
  • Main
    • 1st Prize = 20000 MANA (~2,000 USD) + LAND
    • 2nd Prize = 10000 MANA (~1,000 USD) + LAND
    • 3rd Prize = 7500 MANA (~750 USD) + LAND
    • 500 MANA (~50 USD) per qualifying scene

Install the CLI and get started

Follow the SDK 101 tutorial for a quick crash course.

Awesome Repository

A great place to start, filled with loads of, well, awesome examples and tutorials. For those battling it out in the Main competition, this is an indispensable destination:

Game Jam Workshops

There have been a ton of informative video workshops presented in the run up to Game Jam. You can catch all of them again individually on YouTube.

Helper Libraries

When you’re in the thick of the competition, these libraries are an excellent place to find tools that make life a lot easier.

Submit your Jam

Check out the competition guidelines and when you feel your creation is ready, submit it using this link: Your scene will be shared with the rest of the community.

Remember to visit the Decentraland channel on Discord to join the Game Jam discussion and discover what’s possible. This is just the first in what is now a quarterly series of competitive creative events. Get your Game Jam on!