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The creation of wearables for Decentraland is a complicated process requiring a lot of support. To ensure user-generated wearables look great and function properly in Decentraland we will need to make the tools to support this process.

It will take time to develop the workflow and build the equivalent of an SDK and Builder tool for wearables so during this process we will work with small teams of developers from the community that we are confident can deliver quality products and the feedback and communication we need.

Stage 1 of the Wearables Initiative

In the first instance, we are going to work with five teams from the community that have shown commitment and solid performance throughout previous contests and programs. They include: Polygonal Mind, Decentral Games, Wonderzone, Digitible and Dappcraft.

The teams are being given full support to create their first collection of wearables, which will be unveiled at a fashion show happening on the 10th of July.

These five teams will then provide mentor support when licenses are issued to the next set of teams and individuals, as granted by the DAO.

Stage 2: Opening up the initiative

Once the workflow is in place and the quality at the high level you’d expect, we’ll implement Stage 2 of the initiative.

This involves opening up the application to create wearables to the entire community. It will take the form of licenses being granted to teams and individuals by the community, through the DAO. Here’s how the process breaks down:

  1. Proposal phase: Creators post rough sketches of their proposals in forum.decentraland.org. They need to follow guidelines which will be released prior to commencement of Stage 2.

  2. Voting phase: The community votes for the most interesting proposals.

  3. Development: Teams chosen by the community begin production of the proposed wearables.

  4. Technical validation: A committee of experts validates that wearables are compliant with all the Decentraland platform requirements.

  5. Minting: After passing technical validation, Decentraland Foundation will be the responsible party for creating the NFT contracts and giving the corresponding permissions to creators for minting the wearables.

  6. Launch:
    As with Stage 1, the final designs will be showcased at a Fashion Event in Decentraland.

Just the beginning…

We’ll provide more info about Stage 2 as we move closer to kick off. In the meantime, learn more about Decentraland Wearables in our recent blog post. Then if you fancy yourself as a creator, make sure you apply! Stay tuned for more news on applications coming soon.