Decentraland is a platform for gaming, building exciting 3D environments, and creating innovative ways to monetize digital content. Ultimately, Decentraland is a social experience where you can interact with other people in real time.

Avatars - the digital representations of actual people - are part of what make this possible.

As you walk around Genesis City, experiencing all that the metaverse has to offer, you’ll need some way to show everyone who you are, keep track of your friends, and organize your virtual possessions. Basically, you need a way to create and manage a virtual identity.

So today, we’re pleased to introduce Avatars which will allow you to design, customize, and name the identity (or identities) you’ll use when exploring Decentraland.

Soon you will be able to create and name your first avatar. Learn how at!

Endless customization

Designing personalized, unique avatars has been a fun part of gaming and online communities for as long as we can remember, and we want to make sure that Decentraland Avatars meet your every expectation.

A simple but powerful tool will allow you to mix and match between hundreds of different characteristics. Choose between facial features from eyebrows to smiles, try on different hairstyles, pick the perfect skin tone, and put together an outfit just the way you want it.

Truly unique names

Avatar customization doesn’t stop at your outfit. When getting started, you will be able to choose a name that will be permanently tied to your avatar. It’s totally unique and completely yours, thanks to the blockchain. For a small fee of just a few MANA, you’ll be able to ensure that your avatar stands out from the crowd. Sign up early, and make sure your go-to name isn’t taken!

This name is an important part of your virtual identity for Decentraland. You’ll use it not only to introduce yourselves to other people in the metaverse, but also to log into the various tools in the Decentraland ecosystem like the Builder and the Marketplace.

Sign on securely, once

In addition to avatars, we’re excited to tell you about Decentraland Passports. Every avatar you create gets a passport that serves as a secure, single sign-on for all of your Decentraland experiences. You’ll be able to use your passport to connect your projects in the Builder with your LAND in the Marketplace. It’ll even help you manage your collection of virtual goods. Think of it as your ticket to the metaverse, and beyond.

Be a trendsetter, and sign up early

Avatars are coming soon to Decentraland. Visit for a preview of Avatars and to sign up for the latest updates. Make sure you’re the first in line for an Avatar!

Don’t miss your chance for some unique swag! 50 lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive limited edition accessories from an exciting partner (yet to be revealed) for their avatars.