Ethermon is engaging the Decentraland creator community to design and build its player Housing Hub in the official Ethermon Game Jam, running from June 23 – July 7.

Three finalists will be selected by Ethermon, with the community tasked to vote on first place. The top finalist will be awarded 25,000 in EMON tokens and 1 LAND (donated by the Decentraland Foundation), with their creation deployed to the Ethermon District. Second and third place getters will receive 7,500 and 2,500 EMON respectively.

What you need to build

Build a 2x1 house with three floors – no need for any internals except floor and walls. To be in with a shot of being one of the finalists you’ll need to be creative, providing a unique housing design that experiments with different textures. Points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Overall Idea (40 points)
  • Creative Design (25 points)
  • Wow Factor (25 points)
  • Animations (10 points) – nice to have, but not necessary
  • BONUS – Record the construction of your house as a time lapse

You don’t need LAND to participate, however buildings submitted should have a significant part of them developed during the two weeks of Game Jam. You should definitely clarify if you reused any prior work as part of the scene. Ethermon will also own all the rights to assets and code after you have submitted your scene.

Details about entry and submissions to follow…