As we enter 2019, the Decentraland platform and community are embarking on some exciting next steps.

Today, we want to provide an update on the progress of Decentraland’s districts, the status of LAND transfers for active districts, and MANA refunds for contributors to inactive districts.

Congratulations to all!

I think we can speak for everyone in the community in saying how proud we are of the effort demonstrated by the districts. Building a 3D world is no easy task, and the districts have mustered some creative and talented individuals to kick off the development of their different projects. You can find a complete list of all currently active districts below!

  • AETHERIAN project
  • Vegas City
  • Dragon City
  • Fashion Street
  • District X
  • Decentraland University
  • Dragon Kingdom
  • Decentraland Conference Center
  • The Battleground
  • Virtual Reality Shopping District
  • Festival Land
  • The Forest
  • Central Marketplace
  • The Crypto Valley
  • Amusement Park with Carnival Games
  • Shwedagon Pagoda
  • The Anarchist International (A-Squat)
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Yetepey
  • Hacker City
  • E for EVERYONE
  • Bittrex Tomorrow
  • Yoga Center
  • Engineering Park
  • Star City
  • VARC - A District for All things Architecture
  • Design Quarter
  • Chobury - Democratic City for All
  • EcoGames
  • Anarchy
  • Voltaire
  • Hunted District
  • Toke Social: A resort for cannabis connoisseurs
  • MusicHub
  • SportsFan Zone (formerly Mother Russia Land)
  • DCL China City
  • Decentraland Museum
  • Arena: a futuristic urban hotbed of creativity
  • Fluffy DC

We’re really excited to watch these districts grow alongside, and in conjunction with, the platform.

District LAND transfers

We are currently processing all LAND transfer agreements for each active district.

Once an individual agreement has been made, we will transfer that district’s LAND to a multi-signature wallet controlled by the district’s respective leadership team.

If you are a district leader, or are on a district leadership team, please send your KYC to [email protected], if you haven’t already. As soon as we receive your district’s KYC, we will process your LAND transfer.

With the release of the robust SDK 5.0, and in light of the upcoming scene builder, passing off this LAND to the districts is another important step toward full decentralization and the eventual population of Decentraland.

What about inactive districts?

Back in 2017, at the beginning of the Decentraland project, there were many, many different district proposals. However, due to various human and technical circumstances, not all of these proposals came to fruition and some of the districts have become (or have been) inactive - even though they received contributions.

What will happen to these districts?

These inactive district are being dissolved, and the original MANA contributions to each district have been refunded to the original contributors.

There are a few different scenarios that can lead to a dissolved district:

  • The district’s contributors vote in favor of dissolving the district
  • More than 12 months lapse between updates to the district
  • More than 6 months lapse between active leadership of the district, or an inability to meet community deadlines

What happens when a District is dissolved?

If one or more of the above conditions are met, then the original MANA contributions to the dissolved district are refunded to the contributors.

We have returned 1,000 MANA per contributed parcel to all of the original contributors - the same amount originally contributed.

What happens to the LAND that made up the dissolved Districts?

Refunded districts only account for about 3% of all district LAND, but all of the dissolved LAND will be transferred to a Community Reserve.

This LAND will eventually be auctioned off after the Decentraland Platform has officially launched, at a time agreed upon by the community according to a vote on Agora.

Which districts are being dissolved?

The following districts have been dissolved, and all contributions refunded:

  • The Whale Club
  • Embassy Town
  • Central Business District
  • Little India (Bharat)
  • Tech Sector: A Home for Developers
  • Freedom city
  • SF Zone - a home for science fiction fans
  • War Thunder Community Park
  • innerGlitch - Science, Technology & Discovery
  • Virtual Sand Hill Road
  • Alvy Gardens
  • Decentramon
  • The Chill Zone
  • Casino Featuring ETH Based Online Gambling
  • Bitunia
  • Greenpoint
  • Sci Art Lab
  • Surreal

What’s next?

If you contributed to one of these districts, we have already sent out the MANA refunds to the wallet address associated with the original contribution made back in 2017. You don’t need to take any further action at this point.

We’d like to thank the entire district community for your patience, support, and collaboration! Let’s build something amazing.