The submission period for wearables proposals has just concluded and it’s time to move on to the next step: the big vote!

So get ready for four days full of excitement. Will your candidate be included in the next 10 wearables licenses?

How does voting work?

On September 2, the Decentraland Foundation will create an Agora poll, outlining all the proposals. The poll will run until September 5, when the 10 projects with the most votes will be announced as license recipients. It’s important to note:

  • Individuals in the community can only support one proposal per account.
  • In order to vote you will need MANA. Votes are weighted, so the more MANA you own, the more voting power you have.
  • Wrapped MANA can’t be used, you will need to unwrap it before voting.

What does a license include?

Each winning project will be granted a Legendary wearables license, consisting of a complete set of six Legendary wearables:

  • Each full outfit (female/male/unisex) wll consists of six pieces:
    • (1) Hat
    • (1) Upper-body
    • (1) Lower-body
    • (1) Feet
    • (2) Other accessories:
      • Mask: Replacement helmet, tiara, eye_wear, and override facial_hair
      • Eyewear: Replace helmet and mask
      • Earring: Replace helmet
      • Tiara: Replace mask and helmet
      • Top_head: To give you an idea, this accessory can be a halo

What happens next?

  • Development (7th Sept to 7th October): Those creatives chosen by the community will begin production on their proposed wearables

  • Technical validation (7th to 14th October): A committee of experts validates that the wearables are compliant with all Decentraland platform requirements.

  • Contract’s deployment: After passing technical validation, the Decentraland Foundation will be responsible for creating the NFT contracts and giving the corresponding permissions to creators for minting the wearables.

  • Fashion show (16th October): Party hard

Vote for your favourite collection now!