Stage 1 of the Decentraland Wearables Initiative was a huge success, with five teams creating iconic designs that were displayed at the recent Summer Collection Fashion Show.

Those teams – Polygonal Mind, Decentral Games, Wonderzone, Digitible and Dappcraft – will now be central to the second stage: mentoring 10 creators from the community, granted licenses through Agora.

How to get involved

Creators can be individuals, teams or brands. All you have to do is present your concept art and submit it through Agora for judging by the Decentraland community. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out a proposal at, including a description of the collection you want to create and attach concept art, designs and references. You need to specify your previous experience working with 3D modelling design or designate a person in your team in charge of modelling. Finally, it will be mandatory that you specify what you will do with the wearables (i.e use them as rewards, airdrops, sell them through the marketplace, etc). Take a look at the guide to creating Decentraland wearables for Avatars for more design insights. And refer to the proposal template section on the Forum for more details. Proposals can be submitted until August 31

  2. Voting phase: The Decentraland Foundation will create an Agora poll, outlining all proposals on September 1. Individuals in the community can only support one proposal per account. The poll will run until September 4, when the 10 projects with the most votes will be announced as license recipients

  3. Development: Creatives chosen by the community begin production on their proposed wearables

  4. Technical validation: A committee of experts validates that wearables are compliant with all the Decentraland platform requirements

  5. Minting: After passing technical validation, the Decentraland Foundation will be the responsible party for creating the NFT contracts and giving the corresponding permissions to creators for minting the wearables

What to create

You should submit concept art or references of a set of six Legendary wearables:

  • The full outfit (female/male/unisex) consists of six pieces:
    • (1) Hat
    • (1) Upper-body
    • (1) Lower-body
    • (1) Feet
    • (2) Other accessories:
      • Mask: Replace helmet, tiara, eye_wear, and override facial_hair
      • Eyewear: Replace helmet and mask
      • Earring: Replace helmet
      • Tiara: Replace mask and helmet
      • Top_head: To give you an idea, this accessory can be a halo

Tips and guidance along the way

The five teams from Stage 1 will be on hand to mentor the 10 creators in the development and production of their wearables. As an incentive the mentor teams will be awarded one Mythic license each. The Decentraland Foundation will create an open Discord channel where creators can ask questions, express concerns, etc. to solve any technical challenges they face. The Foundation team will also provide extra help in the channel if it is needed.

Get involved!

Just as with Stage 1, the final designs from this second stage will be showcased at a fashion event in Decentraland.

If you think you have what it takes to make it to the catwalks of the virtual world, head over to the Decentraland Forum and throw your (very fashionable) hat into the ring!