Quests were a cool addition to last year’s Halloween and Xmas celebrations, with revellers taking part in Mystery in the Metaverse and the Festive Treasure Hunt – multi-day quests with prizes in the form of wearables and POAPs.

The tool to make such experiences has now been developed for the community, and though it is currently only available to a handful of users, it will eventually be open to all creators – bringing a potent new element to the gaming toolkit.

In the meantime, the results from the first round of quest-making hit the metaverse this week, with exclusive POAPs up for grabs.

Simply head to Genesis Plaza and hit the rocket icon in the bottom right hand corner of the window and follow the instructions to get questing!

the-drink-of-the-gods The Drink of the Gods (0,0)

Created by the Decentraland Foundation, you need to find the ingredients that create an elixir that’s out of this world.

steampunk SteamPunk by DappCraft (39,12)

Brave metaverse traveller Anna needs your help! Assist her in a quest to fix her watch and receive a reward.

There are more quests to follow so stay tuned to the blog and socials for updates.

Coming soon we’ll post an in-depth look at the mechanics of the quest-making tool and how you will be able to use it to create amazing new experiences for the Decentraland community.

And if you’d like to be included in the next closed round of Quest creations, email your proposal to [email protected]