On July 20th, Decentraland partnered with the Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA) Next Reality Partners (NRP) program to incubate development teams interested in creating content and games for the Decentraland platform!

Decentraland will be the first blockchain organization in the group, which is tasked with promoting and accelerating the development of the blockchain and VR gaming industry in South Korea. GCA NRP is one of the most active and successful Korean Government initiated VR/AR accelerators since 2016, providing funding, guidance, and support for a wide range of VR startups.

We’ll be working alongside other international GCA NRP partners such as HTC and Google to aid the growth of the VR and blockchain gaming industries not just in South Korea, but around the globe.

What is the Gyeonggi Content Agency?

The Gyeonggi Content Agency is a non-profit organization formed and run by the South Korean government with the objective of promoting and supporting digital content creation in the South Korean Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industries. While the GCA is headquartered in Buncheon, South Korea, their work spans the entire Gyeonggi Province.

GCA has been advancing the South Korean VR/AR industry through leading market and technology research, and by supporting new startups with funding, professional training, outreach, and assistance with global distribution.

GCA and the Next Reality Partners Program

GCA formed the **Next Reality Partners **alliance (NRP) to serve as an accelerator for startups working in VR/AR technology. The NRP works to boost the VR/AR industry through three main avenues:

  • Increasing VR/AR awareness through hosting events and conferences such as the B.I.G. Forum and PlayX4
  • Helping VR/AR startups to network with other projects and investors
  • Providing financial support and funding for VR/AR startups

By tackling each of these four areas, the NRP has extended the reach of the South Korean VR/AR creative industry into the global market.

How will GCA and Decentraland be collaborating?

As a member of the Next Reality Partners alliance, we will collaborate with GCA to support blockchain-based VR gaming projects in Korea looking to build their VR experiences for the Decentraland platform.

This support will take the form of a new accelerator program called DCL.X specifically designed to incubate blockchain gaming and VR studios located in South Korea.

DCL.X will help jumpstart South Korean VR game developers, providing the support they need to get up and running with the Decentraland SDK, and to help them reach global audiences.

In addition to providing financing, support from DCL.X will take the form of developer evangelism, professional training and coaching, and organizational support for members admitted to the accelerator. We’ll also be providing a dedicated co-working space located in the heart of GangNam, Seoul, Korea, in GarosuGil.

Decentraland has already kicked off DCL.X through a collaboration with Barunson (another member of the GCA NRP group) to build a new, blockchain-based rendition of their classic VR game “James’s Legacy” exclusively for Decentraland titled “Satoshi’s Quest”.

Decentraland Project Lead Ari Meilich presents at the Global Developers Forum 2018Decentraland Project Lead Ari Meilich presents at the Global Developers Forum 2018

We see Korea as the perfect place first to put DCL.X into action, but we do have plans to extend the program to China, the US, and eventually all major countries. We look forward to expanding our partnership with GCA to help promote game development in Korea, and to help Korean game developers reach the global market through the Decentraland platform.

How can my team apply to DCL.X?

If you or your team would like to apply to the DCL.X accelerator program, please send a brief introduction of your team along with a written proposal for your concept to Andrew Kim, Decentraland’s Head of Business Development and DCL.X, at [email protected].

Where can I learn more about GCA?

To learn more about the Gyeonggi Content Agency, see: