This is a big one! A gaming partnership spanning the generations. Where past meets present and future in a glorious collision of pixelated goodness.

Video game pioneer Atari is to take over a large Estate in the metaverse for the creation of a giant retro arcade featuring classic Atari games.

Not only that but the first Game Jam of 2021, kicking off in February, will be centered around the creation of Atari games made by the community. The most successful of these games created by – that’s right – YOU!!! will become part of the official Atari arcade for everyone to play.

Full details are forthcoming but what can be revealed is that alongside your creations, the arcade will feature legendary titles like Pong, Break-Out!, Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede and more. Get excited folks!

You can also expect a cool selection of exclusive Atari wearables to hit the Decentraland Marketplace for you to fit-out your Avatar like a proper gamer.

Stay tuned to Decentraland social channels and Events page for more details of this momentous collaboration and all of the ways you can get involved.