The brief was straightforward: make a video, no longer than 30 seconds that conveys what you love most about Decentraland. What was received was anything but.

To say that the community was overwhelmed by the quality of submissions is an understatement. Just take a look at the winning entry by @michpalmer for proof:

For his efforts Mich takes home LAND + 10,000 MANA.

A very close second was @SlywestYo who added lyrics to the dance soundtrack, describing exactly what he loves about the virtual world.

Now he can add 5000 MANA to the list of things he loves about Decentraland.

Third to tenth place-getters each took home 1000 MANA. You can check out their awesome entries by following the links to their Twitter submissions below.

3 victorkunai

4 dapp_craft

5 swissdcl

6 serval3d

7 ParadoxxArtist

8 nikolastrue

9 FernandoXierra

10 CryptoKucing

Congratulations to the winners and a special thank you to all who submitted. Stay tuned for more of these competitions in the coming year. Not only do they attract incredible entries from what is clearly a very talented community but they show off the very best the metaverse has to offer.