Our latest collaboration with Dapper plays a tremendous role in increasing the diversity of the Decentraland ecosystem.

Here at Decentraland, we get really excited about connecting different experiences on the blockchain. Our goal is to help build networks between the coolest platforms, games, and crypto-collectibles out there.

Decentraland’s integration with Dapper gets us one big step closer to reaching that goal. Never before has it been so easy (or fun) to set up a crypto wallet, and we’re eager to share this experience with the entire Decentraland community, both new and old. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto veteran, or you’re new to the blockchain, we hope that you use Dapper Wallet to secure your digital items in the metaverse.

Adopt your CryptoKitty from Dapper

When we first announced this partnership, we alluded to some super cute (and very free) CryptoKitties. Today, we’re happy to fill that promise!

Anyone who signs up for a Dapper Wallet through Decentraland’s Builder will be gifted their very own Purrstige CryptoKitty! [Note that you may need to disable your AdBlocker temporarily, before you install Dapper Wallet, to be able to receive your CryptoKitty]

Share your creations with the community!

Today also marks the launch of the latest big addition to Decentraland’s Builder. As of today, you can now publish your scenes to the LAND Pool with just a couple clicks.

After you’ve purrfected your CryptoKitties new home in the Builder, click Publish in the toolbar, and your scene will be added to Decentraland’s LAND Pool, a collection of Builder scenes that have been submitted by our community so that landowners can host them!