On 20.02.2020 we’re opening the gates to the world in our Public Launch and we’re celebrating with a massive in-world Treasure Hunt. For four days Decentraland’s first metropolis, Genesis City will house NFTs, tokens and loot redeemable for real-world goodies – a total prize pool worth $100k USD.

Adding to the impressive haul will be 5000 different rarities of CryptoKitties. From standard furry friends to fancy and special edition digital felines.

CryptoKitties are one of the best-known and highly prized crypto-collectibles out there and we’re super proud to have them celebrating with us. Best of all, this is just the start, with more partner announcements on the way as we move closer to launch.

To get your hands on one of these valuable digital creatures be sure to create your own Decentraland Avatar and get ready for 20.02.2020. It’s gonna be huge!