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From a mysterious adventure in space to the quest of an alcoholic scarecrow (no really), the judges have scrutinized the top 300 entries and we have our top 45 winners. Without further ado, let’s count ‘em down…

45th-11th (scoring LAND)

A Mysterious Adventure in Space
The Islander
Merlin’s Keep
Purpose of Life
Wonder World
The Floor is Lava
Quest of an Alcoholic Scarecrow_
Grand Labyrinth
Interactive Stairs Game (ISG)
Christmas Story
Blackhat’s Hidden Treasure
Dragos Confinement

Dragos Confinement

Alchemist’s Trials
Puzzler Planet
Mechanical Manor
Gingerbread Breakdown – SP
VR Mall
Vertical Garden
The Walk
Midas Car Park
Ancient Temple
Mysterious Potion
Games City
Hitman 2144
Back To The Past
Dinosaur Hunt!
Neo DCL City

Neo DCL City

Cryptuga Cove
Solar System Temple
The Amazing Maze

10th-6th (awarded 10k MANA + LAND)

Path of Awakening

The Cat Came Back
Present Predicament
The Path of Awakening
Fantasy World of Endless Time
Techno Oasis

5th-4th place, taking home major prizes…

5th place: 25k MANA + LANDs (approx. $1.5k USD)
Space Odyssey : Escape Game

4th place: 50k MANA + LANDs (approx. $2k USD)
Crystal Craze

3rd place: 100k MANA + LANDs (approx. $5k USD)
Toki Land

2nd place: 150k MANA + LANDs (approx. $7k USD)
Dreach-Fhoula - Tainted Blood

But bagging the big one is:

1st place: 200k MANA + LANDs (around $10k USD)
After the Flood: Two Towers

Congratulations to all the winners. The event went way beyond the end-of-year creative epic we envisioned. A huge thanks to everyone who took part. Stay tuned for more Creator Contest news in the coming days and of course keep an eye out for more competitions in the new year.