We’re happy to announce CoinGecko as the most recent addition to the Decentraland partner family! Founded in 2014, CoinGecko has built a powerful set of tools that provides insights into price, volume, community growth, and other key attributes of the top blockchain and cryptocurrency based projects.

You can use CoinGecko to find information on roughly 3,300 different tokens on more than 260 separate token exchanges.

In addition to listing Decentraland on CoinGecko, we’ll be helping CoinGecko to develop their own virtual location in Genesis City, situated on a parcel right between Vegas City and the University District.

To celebrate, we’re co-hosting a giveaway of 10,000 MANA!

What is CoinGecko?

Transparency and the free exchange of information are two of the core values behind decentralization.

CoinGecko has taken these values to heart in their effort to help users stay informed on what tokens are out there, and how those tokens compare to each other.

The team at CoinGecko feels that it has become increasingly difficult to make simple, quantitative judgements of the various alt coins on the market. With the evolution of blockchain technology and growing complexity of the space, users and investors are finding a need for both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of different tokens and projects.

So, to accurately rank different projects, CoinGecko curates as much information as possible covering aspects like volume of development activity on GitHub and BitBucket, community involvement, liquidity, public interest, and market capitalization. This multifaceted ranking is more comprehensive and intuitive, making it much easier to get a feel for how one token is performing versus another.

You can find a complete overview of CoinGecko’s ranking methodology here.

The CoinGecko MANA Giveaway

To celebrate our new partnership, we’re co-hosting a giveaway amounting to 10,000 MANA in prizes along with some exclusive Decentraland and CoinGecko branded merchandise!

The top 5 winners will receive some Decentraland swag in addition to 200 MANA each. The next 45 winners will receive 200 MANA each.

It’s easy to participate. Simply check out the contest page here for detailed instructions and the terms of the giveaway.

Learn more about CoinGecko