The first Creator Contest back in April allowed us to populate Decentraland with content made by the community. Frankly, we were blown away by the quality of the scenes created with the very first version of the Builder.

This Creator Contest, with the introduction of Smart Items, the quality of scenes is even higher. Experienced Builders have made fully interactive games and pushed new features like Scaling and Custom Assets to their limits. The Decentraland Art Team has released several new Asset Packs and Smart Items and again we have been thrilled to see the awesome scenes the community has created.

Populate your world with scenes from the LAND Pool

We’ve filled over 10 000 parcels with quality content from the first Creator Contest, the Hackathon and Game Jam and now we want to see the world populated with as many of these interactive scenes as we can accommodate. The best scenes will be published to the LAND Pool.

If you are a LAND owner and you have vacant LAND you can join the LAND Pool now and have the best scenes from the creative minds of the Decentraland community published to your LAND.

The LAND Pool will also serve as an important stepping stone toward opening up a rental system for LAND.

For those of you who’d like to take part in this initiative, we’ve created a simple dApp:

The dApp helps you call the “setUpdateManager” method on the LAND smart contract and Estates smart contracts.

setUpdateManager(your address, 0xDc13378daFca7Fe2306368A16BCFac38c80BfCAD, true)

What if I want to keep some of my parcels?
You’ll always have control over your parcels. When sharing LAND with the Pool, you’re simply giving the Pool operator the ability to publish content to that LAND. You can take it back at any time.

Will the Pool operator be able to transfer these parcels away?
No, the updateManager functionality only allows deployment of content, it doesn’t include the ability to transfer ownership of your LAND.

Is there a way to cancel the delegation?
Yes, the dApp allows you to drop support for this program at any time.

Can I pick the scenes that will be placed on my LAND?
Very soon, you will be able to select specific scenes to host. Stay tuned for updates on this feature!

What if my LAND is owned by a multisig contract?
Let us know, we can help you set up the transactions.

Be part of a unique initiative to populate Decentraland with the very best from our creative community.