The Decentraland Foundation + DAO are excited to join the Blender Development Fund as a Patron Member.

Decentraland will be the first crypto-native project to sponsor the Blender Developer Fund, joining the ranks of other contributing tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Unity, Epic, Nvidia, Steam, and Microsoft.

This marks an exciting opportunity to support the infrastructure used by countless creatives to design and build their own additions to Decentraland’s metaverse. Open source software like Blender makes up the backbone of the real metaverse, and Decentraland’s community is proud to pledge its support.

What is Blender?

Blender is an open source 3D modeling platform built for content creators. It sits at the center of 3D workflows used by artists and world builders around the glove. In 2020 alone, Blender was downloaded over 14 million times. The dedicated subreddit boasts neary 500,000 members, and over 100 books focused on the tool have been published so far.

Creators use Blender to sketch, design, build, and polish virtual environments and characters across dozens of platforms, including Decentraland.

Blender is GPL licensed, ensuring that the code will remain a free, public good for all time. It protects the developer and user community from malicious patents, hostile forks, and lock-down attempts.

The Blender Development Fund

The Blender Development Fund was created to help provide the world with best-in-class 3D technology, with Blender at the core of its offering.

The Fund helps to provide grants and subsidies to developers and contributors working on all aspects of Blender, from one-off projects to broader initiatives put into motion by the board of administrators.

By becoming a Patron member of the Blender Development Fund, Decentraland will be able to contribute to Blender’s roadmap with open metaverses and user generated content top-of-mind.

A Community Effort

This initiative was originally posted in Decentraland’s governance platform by a member of the community. The proposal quickly gained unanimous support from the entire community. As excitement and momentum built across a range of social media platforms, the original proposer connected Decentraland’s DAO Committee with the Blender Foundation to finalize the agreement.

The Decentraland Foundation, the non-profit organization supporting the development of the Decentraland platform, joined the effort by matching the DAO’s original donation.

Special thanks are owed to community members Jin, Eibriel, the DAO Committee and the Decentraland Foundation for bringing this initiative to life.

Learn more about the Blender Development Fund, this initiative, and the Decentraland DAO: