Our partners at Altitude Games have been making some really exciting progress with their Decentraland title, Battle Racers!

They’ve recently reached beta, and it looks like they are well on their way to a complete unveiling of Battle Racers with Decentraland’s full launch later this year.

In anticipation, Altitude Games is going to hold an item pre-sale at battleracers.io on May 15, 2019, to give players early access to special parts and car customizations that can be used in the game!

What is Battle Racers?

We introduced Battle Racers last November, but if you’re new to the Decentraland Platform, Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where you get to build, race, and battle model cars on arcade-sized tracks to be hosted in Decentraland’s virtual world.

It all starts by mixing and matching different parts and weapons to create your perfect car. When you’re done building and tweaking in your garage, you get to put your car to the test in races against other players, in real time.

All cars can be tokenized into ERC-721 NFTs, giving each one its own unique and immutable record of wins, losses, and exclusive gameplay buffs. Tokenizing your car also opens it up for trading with other players!

If you want to get an early preview of the game, check out the Battle Racers closed multiplayer beta, which will be open to select parties before the item pre-sale begins in May. Find out how you can get in on the action over on the Battle Racers homepage!

Battle Racers is just one of the many exciting games and projects that are being built for the Decentraland platform, but we can’t wait to rev up our engines at the starting line.

How will the Battle Racers pre-sale work?

The Battle Racers pre-sale will begin on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, on their website: battleracers.io. It will start at 10:00am EDT (GMT-4), 7:00am PDT (GMT-7), and 4:00pm CET (GMT+2)! Total purchases are limited to 2000 ETH, but you can purchase crates of car parts for MANA, ETH, and even fiat currency. All of these car parts are exclusive for the sale - they won’t be available again, so act fast!

Each part will be minted on the Loom sidechain and include four types: Body, Front, Rear, and Wheels, as well as four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Rarer parts can be upgraded to higher levels and have unique aesthetics; the Legendary rarity is exclusive to the item pre-sale and will never be dropped again once the pre-sale ends.

More about Altitude Games

Altitude Games is a Manila-based game studio behind the free-to-play mobile games Kung Fu Clicker, Holy Ship! (3rd IMGA SEA Best Quickplay), Dream Defense (2017 Android Excellence for Fall), and Run Run Super V (over 2 million downloads). The company was founded in 2014 by veterans of the Southeast Asian game industry.

After receiving funding from Xurpas, the largest consumer technology firm in the Philippines, the team at Altitude Games made it their hallmark to take established genres, and add unique gameplay elements with a distinctive, stylized art direction.

You can find even more information about Battle Racers and Altitude games on their homepage, or in their community Discord.