Preparations continue in earnest as we move closer to the Public Launch and full-scale decentralization of our virtual world.

Two new votes are now live and awaiting your participation. Whatever you decide will help us implement the DAO by launch and can also be modified by it at a later date.

1. What should be the marketplace platform fee?

We’re launching a brand new marketplace which, among other cool items, will include wearable NFTs for you to make your Avatar truly stand out in Decentraland. This vote is to determine the platform fee, an increase bringing us in line with other marketplaces. All MANA collected from marketplace transactions will continue to be burned (removing it entirely from circulation).

  • Leave as is
  • Increase to 2.5%
  • Increase to 5%
  • Increase to 7.5%

2. What should be the MANA weight of each plot of LAND when participating in the DAO voting?

This vote will determine the LAND to MANA value ratio. We’ve listened to and debated a number of proposals around this topic. While we haven’t yet found an ideal solution – and fully expect more options and votes on this matter down the track – we’re suggesting these potential solutions for now to get the DAO up and running on time:

  • One LAND should equal 2k MANA
  • One LAND should equal 5k MANA
  • One LAND should equal 10k MANA
  • One LAND should equal more than 10k MANA

As with our last Agora vote, your input is crucial and highly valued. And with greater participation from the community coming 20.02.2020, this is the perfect time to start exercising your democratic rights in the Metaverse. Vote now!.