Custom wearables are one of the big requests we get from our brilliant and innovative community. While we’re not quite at the stage of sharing the tech spec to start minting wearables, we are keen to give Decentralanders the chance to flex their creative muscle for the Public Launch on 20.02.2020.

Introducing the ‘2020 Launch Collection Design Contest’

Here’s how to enter and potentially have your design on the catwalks (or at least the streets) of Genesis City.

  • Design an outfit for the Public Launch
  • Upload your concept art to our #Launch-Collection’ Discord channel
  • The Decentraland Art Team will choose their favorites to make into Mythic and Epic items
  • If your design is chosen, you will be given 30% of the supply to sell or share with your friends. That’s three Mythic or 30 Epic items per design if you win
  • The remaining 70% will be used as giveaway prizes

We only need concept art!
You can deliver your proposals in any standard format, as long as it is a readable document such as .png, .doc, .jpg. You can draw, use collage, write information, provide references, specify color palettes, materials (such as transparency and emissives) – anything you think is important to get the best results.

If you want to go that extra step you can draw blueprints with the different views of the wearable in order to specify details. To see how the design process for Avatars works, check out the design spec in this doc:

Deadline for submissions is 23:59 EST on 5th Feb 2020. So get creating and good luck!