Now that the community has decided to move forward with a second LAND auction this quarter, we’ve seen so many great new conversations and questions popping up revolving around the mechanics of the auction, its impact on the community, and the Decentraland platform in general.

We love how engaged and excited everyone is, and we do our best to help answer your questions as quickly and as thoroughly as we can.

To help organize some of these questions and answers into one location for the benefit of other readers, and to give everyone an opportunity voice their opinions and questions, we will be holding an AMA on Reddit next week!

The AMA is scheduled for Monday, November 19th, at 2:00:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

If you already have some questions in mind, please submit them to the AMA thread on Reddit! We’ll be collecting a list of these questions in advance so that we can make the most of the available time during the AMA.

Decentraland’s technical lead, Esteban Ordano, and other members of the team will be online and eager to chat, so mark your calendars!

Join in over at our subreddit, at

We hope you see you there!