At the end of August, we released an initial version of LAND Estates, which made it possible to group multiple parcels together. While that first version of Estates made it easier to manage your own parcels (and build larger scenes with those parcels), it only allowed users to transfer Estates from one address to another.

Today, we’re launching version 2.0 of the Decentraland Marketplace, which adds the ability to buy and sell Estates!

What’s new

Creating and managing your Estates is no different in version 2.0. However, you will find two new sections under Settings: Buying, and Selling.


Assets using MANA: Authorize the Marketplace to operate MANA on your behalf

Checking this box gives the Marketplace permission to use MANA from the wallet connected to your account to purchase LAND and Estates posted for sale after the release of version 2.0.

Assets using MANA (legacy): Authorize the LegacyMarketplace to operate MANA on your behalf

Checking this box gives the Marketplace permission to use your MANA to purchase LAND that were posted for sale before version 2.0.


LAND: Authorize the Marketplace to operate LAND on your behalf

You will have to check this box before you are able to post LAND for sale on the Marketplace.

Estates: Authorize the Marketplace to operate Estates on your behalf

Checking this box gives the Marketplace permission to sell Estates that you post on the site.

The transactions required to commit these changes to the blockchain may take a few minutes. Once you’ve checked one of the settings boxes, you can click the animated loading icon at anytime to view the detailed status of your transaction on your Activity Page.

Creating Estates

If you want to create a Estate, simply navigate to the detail page of any of the parcels that you want to add to your Estate, and click Create Estate.

You will see a view of the Atlas centered on that first parcel you selected, with all the adjacent parcels that you own highlighted. Select the different adjacent parcels you want to include, and click Continue.

Enter the Name and Description for your new Estate. Finally, click Submit.

Buying and Selling Estates

Buying Estates

Buying an Estate is no different from buying an individual parcel, except that when you buy an Estate, you get all of the parcels included in that Estate.

Start by opening up the Marketplace, log in, and begin browsing the Marketplace or Atlas. If you find an Estate posted that you want to buy, open up the details page and click Buy.

After successfully purchasing an Estate, it will appear on the Estates page under the MY LAND section!

Selling Estates

To sell an Estate, navigate to your Estates page in the Marketplace. Once you’ve found the Estate you want to sell, click on it to pull up the details page and click Sell.

You will then be able to enter the price and sale duration, just like when you sell individual parcels.

Don’t forget that in order to buy and sell Estates (or parcels) posted after today’s release, you will have to approve the Marketplace to operate your MANA on your behalf, LAND and Estates under your account settings.

You will still be able to buy or cancel any LAND that was posted for sale before the release of version 2.0, but any LAND or Estates that are posted for sale after version 2.0 will use the updated Marketplace.

Editing Estates

To edit one of your Estates, click the Estates tab to view all of your Estates.

Select the Estate you want to modify, and click Edit. You can then change the name and description of your Estate, or you can add or remove parcels from the Estate.

Dissolving Estates

To dissolve an Estate, navigate to the Estate details page, click Edit Parcels, then Dissolve Estate.

Remember that dissolving an Estate doesn’t change your individual LAND parcels, it only removes the association of those LAND parcels with the Estate. You will still own each parcel that was included in the Estate, but they will no longer display content deployed to the Estate.

Start browsing the Decentraland Marketplace today!