Two weeks ago, we opened the first two public polls on Agora, Decentraland’s public voting platform. The first two questions covered the removal of the Pause() function in the MANA smart contract, and the scheduling of a second public LAND auction.

As of today, November 12th, 2018, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard time, the first two polls are closed. We are excited to share the final results, and introduce the next two questions that the community will be voting on.

Voting Results

Should we remove the ability to pause MANA transactions?

The MANA smart contract contains a feature that enables all transfers of the token to be paused, or halted, for a period of time. We built this in as a precaution, but with MANA’s successful circulation for over a year and the rigorous auditing, we are confident in removing the Pause() function.

The community voted in favor of removing the Pause() function, with 84.4% voting in favor of removing the Pause() function, and 15.6% voting to keep the Pause() function.

When should the next LAND auction be held?

The first LAND auction that we held last year was a great success, but with 9,000 unowned parcels of LAND available, we feel that a second LAND auction will provide everyone with an equal opportunity to purchase unowned LAND.

The community voted to hold a second LAND auction in Q4 of 2018, with 85.1% voting to have an auction in Q4 2018 and 14.9% voting to have a second auction in Q1 2019.

We will be announcing the exact starting date and duration of the second LAND auction as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

Second round of questions!

Starting today, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, the next two public polls are open. These two questions will be open until November 26th. Keep reading for an overview of the questions.

Would you like to see the inflation of MANA be removed?

The original Decentraland white paper suggested an annual inflation of 8% of the total MANA supply. However, the outstanding MANA balance is deemed sufficient to satisfy the needs of the users and to finance the future development of the platform.

  • Voting “yes” shows your support to remove the option for MANA inflation.
  • Voting “no” shows your support to keep the option for MANA inflation.

Should the Marketplace charge a fee in MANA that gets burned?

The current LAND marketplace contract allows for the introduction of a transaction fee, which would be charged to the seller. This fee is currently set to zero. Should this value be increased, and have the proceeds be sent to a smart contract that burns all the MANA it receives?

There are four options, with the first showing your desire for no Marketplace fees at all. The other three options show your support for adding Marketplace fees of different percentages. Each fee is expressed as a percentage of the purchase price of a LAND parcel or Estate. For example, if the fee is 2.5% and Alice lists a LAND at 1000 MANA, Alice will receive 975 MANA and 25 MANA will get burned.

  • No (maintain 0% fees)
  • Yes, 1%
  • Yes, 2.5%
  • Yes, 5%

How to vote

To vote in Agora, you need either a MetaMask, Mist, or Ledger wallet with an account containing some MANA.

First, navigate to, and make sure that you are logged into your unlocked wallet and have selected the account containing your Decentraland MANA.

Your vote in Agora is weighted according to the amount of MANA you have in your wallet. The more MANA you hold, the more your vote counts toward the final results.

Select the question you want to vote on, and click Cast your vote. Choose the option you want to show your support for, and click Vote Now.

For a more detailed overview of the Agora voting process, read the Agora version 2.0 Launch Announcement here.

Thank you for being an active member of the Decentraland community, and for contributing to the future of the platform!