At the start of the month we invited you to have your say on the future of the Decentraland decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and how LAND is managed.

We specifically asked:

  • How many MANA should the equivalent of one LAND be?

The result was: “MORE THAN 1,000 (TBD BY ANOTHER AGORA POLL OR THE DAO) (82.5%)”

  • Should landowners be allowed voting rights?

The result was: “YES (99.5%)”

  • How should the Decentraland DAO be implemented?

The results was: “USING ARAGON (98.8%)”

Thanks to everyone who cast their vote. You can see all the results here, including a break down of weighting.

Further votes to come

In the new year, we’ll be launching a follow-up vote on how many votes each parcel of LAND is worth. To share your views on this, don’t hesitate to leave feedback on the #agora channel in Discord.

We’re also running technical due diligence on smart contracts and the Aragon platform in preparation for the January launch of the DAO. We’re working closely with the Aragon One team on contract customizations to maximize quality and efficiency for all future Aragon DAOs.

As we ramp up developments of the Metaverse in 2020, keep an eye out for more opportunities to have your say—the future of Decentraland depends on it.