Super-massive DJ, electronic music producer and remixer of the likes of Adele, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Bieber, Perry, Mendes and more, 3LAU is the highlight of the festive season with a series of diverse and ground-breaking shows:

Exhibition at Makersplace 57,98

3LAU has teamed up with renowned digital artist Slimesunday to produce unique audiovisual artworks, dropping at Makersplace in Decestraland. Early attendees will have the opportunity to claim a free NFT POAP to mark the release and the opportunity to purchase a limited edition SSX3LAU artwork.

Exclusive Listening Party

Those who buy an artwork at the exhibition will be able to access and experience a special visually-immersive experience created by SSX3LAU – and they’ll only be able to do that in Decentraland! Visit the event listing for more details.

Xmas Party

If you miss out on buying an artwork – or your budget doesn’t stretch that far – fear not! 3LAU is back on December 23 for a live set at the Decentraland Xmas Party. More details to follow but it’s fair to say this is shaping up as the biggest performance in the history of the virtual world. Mark it in your calendars now!

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