A blockchain-based virtual reality world.

Decentraland is an open-source initiative to build a decentralized virtual reality.
It uses blockchain technology to claim and transfer land, keeping a permanent record of ownership.

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Web-based virtual world browser, powered by Unity3D and WebGL.


Trustless land ownership records and 3D content distribution, powered by Blockchain and Torrent.


Publish a scene to a land tile you own, right from the Unity editor.


Stone Age
June 2015

Land is modeled as a simple grid, and a Bitcoin-like proof of work algorithm is used to allocate pixels to users.

Bronze Age
March 2017

Land is modeled in a 3D space. Blockchain and torrent full node. World Editor. Unity Browser.

Iron Age

Add multiplayer support with avatars and live chat. Allow custom items and scripting on the land you own.

Silicon Age

A full-fledged 3D world, with full VR support and customization of the laws of physics. Live in the blockchain.

Core Team

Manuel Araoz


Esteban Ordano


Yemel Jardi


Dario Sneidermanis


Mariano Rodriguez


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